About us

Wushu is the style of Chinese martial arts or Kungfu performed by Jet Li in many Kungfu movies. At Oriental Martial Arts Center, you will find it easy, cool and fun to learn and practice Wuhsu. Wushu epitomizes the “art” in martial arts and uses natural, synchronized and aesthetic movements, providing many benefits including building confidence, self control and discipline,  improving flexibility and body coordination, enhancing physical fitness and mental health, shaping up focus and perseverance, and nurturing team work and leadership.

Grand Master Wu Bin, Kungfu movie star Jet Li’s coach, is the technical advisor of Oriental Martial Arts Center.

Master Han Mei, Oriental Martial Arts Center’s Coach, Shifu Han Mei, majored in martial arts and graduated from Beijing Sport University with a Bachelor’s Degree. She started martial arts training at the age of 7, was admitted into the professional Liaoning Province Martial Arts Team at 12, and into the professional China National Wushu Team at 17. From 2000 to 2009, Han won many provincial and national professional martial arts championships, and was certified as Chinese National 6th Duan Wushu Athlete, National Wushu Elite Athlete, and National First Degree Wushu Coach. In 2012, Han became the head coach for the professional Liaoning Province Martial Arts Team.

Master Mei is not only much loved by kids and their parents, but also played some really tough acting roles in movie Death Squad 2 and Chinese stage play Finding Kungfu.

Taichi, the ancient Chinese art consisting of series of gentle and rhythmic movements that incorporate breath coordination, muscle relaxation, mind tranquility and spiral posture alignment. Taichi has numerous benefits. It can help relieve chronic pain, tone muscles, reduce stress, enhance balance and coordination, and improve blood circulation. Taichi is recognized as a method of exercise for stress reduction and cardiovascular benefits (lowered heart rate and blood pressure). It has been used as a healing modality for hundreds of years. Good for anyone regardless of age and abilities

Qigong, Qi Gong, Qigong, Chi Kung, or Chi Gung, is a practice of aligning breath, movement, and awareness for exercise, healing, and meditation. Literally, Qi (Chi) is “Intrinsic Life Energy”,  Gong (Kung or Gung) is “Cultivation” or “Art of Doing”, and Qigong is to cultivate and balance Qi or flow of Qi. Qigong practices involve rhythmic breathing in sync with slow stylized repetition of fluid movements, a calm mindful state, and visualization of channeling Qi through the body. Doing Qigong correctly in terms of frequency, precision and intensity could give one many physical, mental and spiritual benefits. Join OMAC today to enjoy and benefit from the experience of OMAC Qigong. Don’t just do it – do it with pros at OMAC.

We offer a free trial class! Come and enjoy the fun and the physical, mental and health benefits of Wushu, Taichi and/or Qigong at Oriental Martial Arts Center.